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Sho Tay: Know your neighbor

Planting fruit trees is one of my hobbies; it is rewarding to see my hard work turned into the fruits of labor; I also enjoy gardening in my leisure time.

Sho Tay

A few years ago while visiting a good friend I was amazed by the many different kinds of fruit trees in his back yard; when I saw orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit growing from the same citrus tree, I was impressed. I also saw several different types of pears hanging on the same pear tree; it was incredible and amazing! My friend was an expert in the technique of grafting. He explained that through grafting we can grow all kinds of fruit together and save a lot of land space. That is exactly what I needed for my small yard.

Since I had the perfect teacher, I was eager to learn from him. With the technique he taught me, I was able to grow more types of fruit in my yard. It’s amazing how nature works. God created different kinds of plants, and yet they are able to accept each other and grow together on one tree. It’s just like our community; we have different people with different creeds, ethnicities and backgrounds, all living in the same city and neighborhoods. How could we live together in harmony? I believe through communication and education, together we can make our community a better place. I heard that the Santa Anita Oaks Home Owners Association is promoting a new “Know your Neighbor Campaign.” What a great idea to unite our community; I am encouraging all residents of Arcadia to participate and get involved in such a campaign. Let’s be a “good neighbor” to our neighbors.

— by Sho Tay Guest blogger Sho Tay is an Arcadia City Council Member.

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