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Mayor Pro Tem Paul Cheng: This is random but I wanted to introduce Michael Cao. I spent three hours after a meeting getting to know Dr. Michael Cao, a cardiologist, a former Major servicing on active duty for 10 years in the US Air Force and a Commissioner on the Senior Commission, ensuring that the best of our city are taken care of. He shared with me that he was one of the early waves of service members into Afghanistan and Iraq and how he had to save the first all-female marine platoon when an IED exploded. What he said made me want to cry. He said that when you say “Thank you for your service” many service persons aren’t able to transition back into civilian life. The only thing they hold on to is that ONE sentence people infrequently say. I was so sad when I heard that. I’m humbled that such a great man has decided to serve our seniors. Thank you Michael for serving the very best of our residents. We are so fortunate to have you.

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