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Arcadia’s Best deals on advertising (ad samples and rates below) reaches thousands of consumers who shop, live, and work, in Arcadia:

  • Website: 13,000 monthly visits (10,000 unique) & 40,000 Page Views
    by local residents, influencers & visitors

  • More than 2-minutes spent on site on average by each visitor every time

  • 2 pages viewed per visit on average by each visitor

  • E-newsletter: e-mailed at least once per week to 5,000 people who live, work, shop in Arcadia, wherever in the world they may be at the moment


Google AdSense, one of nation’s largest online advertisers, validates the appeal of

  • 24,000 ad impressions per month

  • Local web site advertising generates trust, response:

Unlimited Growth & Reach; Unlimited Access

  • Available to all 56,000 Arcadia residents

  • Available to hundreds of thousands of Arcadia visitors

  • Available to thousands of non-resident Arcadia workers

Email Arcadia’s Best now —

Study of local news web site sites:

JupiterResearch survey of 2,069 local online content consumers selected randomly from NPD’s online consumer panel for Online Publishers Association (OPA). Read the local online advertising report.

  • 46% of visitors make purchase, go to store, do research, after viewing local ads on local news sites (highest in category)

  • 56% of visitors strongly trust ads on local news sites (highest in category)

  • 40% of visitors spent more than $500 online in the past year.

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