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A is for Adorable kids book by Arcadian

Arcadia resident and lifelong car lover Glenn Oyoung has published an adorable and clever new illustrated book for children called C is for Car.


His book, subtitled “A vehicular alphabet book” with the descriptor “An A-to-Z guide to all things automotively awesome! For gearheads and future gearheads alike,” is co-written by Canadian Scott Park and can be ordered now on Glenn’s SuperStrada Design website – It will soon also be available in digital editions on and iTunes.


Each letter also features a cleverly-written description, such as “V is for Van: In the 1970s and 1980s, having a cool van with shag carpeting was all the rage. Bonus points for having a viking on the side.”

Why a throwback printed kids book from a tech-savvy entrepreneur in a world where children have an electronic gadget at their fingertips at home and school? The co-authors explain on the web site: “Seems like all kids care about these days is constructing new Minecraft buildings on the iPads. Where is the love for cars that we all had growing up? That’s what “C is for Car” is all about!”

Evidence that Glenn is as smart a marketer as Angels owner Arte Moreno (who renamed the Anaheim Angels the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to better leverage the larger market as does the Breeders’ Cup which markets their frequent events at Santa Anita Park as being in Los Angeles instead of Arcadia), Glenn’s bio in the book lists him as living in Los Angeles instead of the more specific and accurate location in the Highlands of Arcadia. But we’ll forgive him that business strategy since he has created such a delightful preschool page-turner, even if “U” is for “Used Car” instead of Uber.

— By Scott Hettrick

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