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Fire Department Weekly Report - week of February 4 – 10, 2024

The Arcadia Fire Department responded to a variety of emergency calls during the week

of February 4 – 10, 2024. The following is a breakdown of incident types recorded for this

time period:

Sunday, February 4

At 8:18 p.m., Engine 105 and Rescue Ambulance 105 responded to a medical assist in

the 100 block of Live Oak Avenue. Upon arrival, fire personnel evaluated a 57-year-old

male who was suffering from neck and back pain after a trip and fall. The patient received

advanced life support including 12-lead electrocardiogram and blood glucose monitoring.

The patient was transported to USC Arcadia Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Monday, February 5

At 5:20 p.m., Engine 105 was dispatched to the 1000 block of Mayflower Avenue for a

reported downed powerline. Fire personnel arrived to find a large fallen tree and downed

powerlines across the street with damage spread across several spans of power poles.

Additional fire resources responded to assist with isolation and securing the area due to

live powerlines. Southern California Edison crews responded to the scene to restore

power and clear the damage.

Tuesday, February 6

At 1:05 p.m., Engine 107 and Engine 105 responded to the west bound 210 Freeway for

a reported vehicle fire at Baldwin Avenue. Upon arrival, fire personnel found a well

involved semi-truck on fire. Due to the size and fire involvement, Water Tender 101 was

requested for water supply on the freeway. The fire was safely extinguished without

injuries and fire extension to the surrounding vegetation.

Wednesday, February 7

At 10:18 a.m., Truck 105 responded to a report of victims trapped inside an elevator in

the 400 block of East Huntington Drive. Upon arrival, fire personnel found a stalled

elevator car with one occupant inside. Specialized tools were used to open the elevator

doors, and the occupant was safely removed from the elevator without injury. The

occupant required no medical assistance and was released on scene. The elevator car

was placed out-of-service, and the property management company was contacted for


Thursday, February 8

At 8:32 a.m., Engine 106 responded to a reported vehicle fire in the 2500 block of South

Baldwin Avenue. Upon arrival, fire personnel found a vehicle fire with no occupants inside.

Fire personnel initiated an aggressive attack on the fire with a 1.5” hose line and were

able to extinguish and confine the fire to the engine compartment. Arcadia Police

Department assisted with traffic control during firefighting operations.

Friday, February 9

At 1:50 p.m., all Arcadia fire stations and units were alerted of a 4.7 earthquake. As a

result, Arcadia Fire Department and Verdugo System transitioned into earthquake mode,

which consists of checking for damage at fire stations and ensuring that all fire

apparatuses are in proper working condition. Fire personnel also checked for any major

damage to target hazards in the city. No damage was reported.

Saturday, February 10

At 1:51 a.m., Engine 106 and Rescue Ambulance 106 responded to a report of a medical

incident in the 500 block of Gloria Road. Upon arrival, there was a 26-year-old male with

an overdose. Fire personnel performed a full medical evaluation that included vital signs,

12-lead electrocardiogram, and intravenous therapy. The patient was transported to USC

Arcadia Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.


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