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Crescent Farm Series Held at the Arboretum

Held at the Arboretum,

301 N. Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Saturdays at 10:00am

Free for members / Free for non-members (with arboretum admission)

Instructors: Crescent Farm Staff- Leigh Adams, John Latsko, and Horticultural Supervisor Jill Morganelli

Learn about water conservation and sustainable gardening, with hands-on experience! The Crescent Farm, located in the heart of the Arboretum just west of Baldwin Lake, is a reclaimed landscape where we explore new and ancient horticulture techniques for water conservation and food production. This is an educational training series. Please bring gloves, drinking water; wear close-toed shoes and a hat. The Crescent Farm workshops made possible thanks to the W.M. Keck Foundation.

June 25 – Crescent Farm Plant Tour

The Crescent Farm at the Arboretum horticulture team put their minds and imaginations together to create an amazing drought-tolerant plant palette. We are happy to present our arid climate orchard and short-season fruit and vegetable production surrounded by a California native-based landscape of meadow and low water lawn alternatives. Not only beautiful, these plants provide habitat for an amazing insect and wildlife population. The flora and fauna here were sourced from local nurseries and are readily available for your own yards.

July 30 – Sheet Mulching Workshop

Using what you have on hand or can source locally is truly sustainable gardening. This workshop will show you how using cardboard and mulch will build fertile productive soil. This is also a proven method for removing your lawn and reducing the weed load as you transition into a water wise landscape. There will be a visual presentation and a hands-on activity where you will actually help us to build our new Crescent Farm.

October 22 – Composting

Reduce your water bill by using compost in your garden. When made correctly, compost has a rich, earthy fragrance that doesn’t attract flies or rodents. In this workshop, discover simple ways to make compost in your own home and how it can improve your soil’s water holding capacity.

November 19 – Crescent Farm Horticulture

Explore horticulture at Crescent Farm. Tour our choices for low water lawn alternatives, California native ethnobotanic plants of our local indigenous tribes, arid climate orchard trees and native wildflowers! Get ideas for your home landscape from our New California Landscape. Growing tips will also be discussed.

December 17 – Water Harvesting

The Crescent Farm at the Arboretum has 9 core water harvesting techniques that can be replicated in any yard. Learn about berms and swales, infiltration basins, terracing, trenching, lasagna mulching, increasing soil absorption, decreasing soil compaction, passive water harvesting through Hugelkultur, and creating permeability in hardscapes. We will also discuss rain barrels, rain chains and ollas. Ensure the water that falls on your property stays on your property.

Ted Tegart

Education Manager

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden

301 North Baldwin Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91007-2697

Phone: 626.821.4624

Fax: 626.445.1217

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