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ARCADIA TASTE THE TOWN by Recreation and Community services

Thursday, May 16, 27 participants attended the Taste the Town program to have lunch at Shabu Lin restaurant. Taste the Town is a

monthly program where participants meet at different restaurants to have lunch and socialize and have the opportunity to try new cuisine.

Some benefits of the "Taste the Town" event in Arcadia where participants try out different restaurants.

1. Exploring new restaurants: Taste of the Town events provide an excellent opportunity for participants to explore and try out different restaurants they may not have visited before. This helps in promoting local businesses and allows restaurant owners to showcase their offerings to a new audience. Offering discounts to the group can be a great way to attract new patrons and encourage repeat business.

2. **Overcoming hesitation**: Many people may feel hesitant to try out a new restaurant, especially if they are not familiar with the cuisine or the establishment itself. Having a group event like Taste of the Town where someone introduces and recommends the restaurant can help alleviate these fears and make participants feel more comfortable trying something new.

3. **Social experience**: Sharing a meal with others is a great way to build connections and enjoy the company of friends and fellow food enthusiasts. Taste of the Town events provide a social setting where participants can interact, share their dining experiences, and bond over their shared love of food.

Overall, Taste of the Town events can be a wonderful way to support local businesses, encourage culinary exploration, and foster a sense of community among participants.


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