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Arcadia Police Foundation

The Arcadia Police Foundation was founded in 2015 by retired Police Chief Guthrie, Dorothy Denne and T.G. Metzger. It is an independent, community-based non-profit organization dedicated to raise funds to help develop new resources and programs for the Arcadia Police Department which are not typically available to them through normal budgeting processes.

The first major goal was to raise enough funds to bring back K-9 units for the APD. Mary Hansen was invited to help, because of her generosity the goal was met for the first dog, Zoli. Mary has continued to be an officer on the Foundation ever since.

The K-9 units are used for drug seizures, explosive sniffing and apprehension of suspected criminals among other duties. If available, the dogs are also used to assist officers in other surrounding police jurisdictions when requested.

This is a 501C organization. All donations are appreciated. The ongoing donations, support and/or attendance at the Foundation’s various events help provide the needed funds for future projects that ultimately assist the Arcadia Police Department.

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