Michael Cao Announces Candidacy for Arcadia City Council District 5 ARCADIA, CA

Michael Cao Announces Candidacy for Arcadia City Council District 5 , ARCADIA, CA (January 11, 2022) -

Michael Cao, a cardiologist from Arcadia Methodist Hospital and an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran in the U.S. Air Force, has announced that he will run for former Mayor Roger Chandler’s seat. “My condolences go to the Chandler family. I am running to fill my friend Roger Chandler’s seat in November 2022. I want to carry on the legacy of this great man and keep Arcadia the best city in California for our families,” said Cao.

Cao was a major in the U.S. Air Force. He considers serving our country an honor of a lifetime since we live in the greatest nation in the world. He was also an educator. “Teaching future generations of healthcare professionals at USC Keck School of Medicine is truly special because education is the key to the future,” Cao stated. In 2020, Cao was appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly to be a commissioner on the State Bar of California. He currently serves on the Senior Citizen Commission and on the board of the Arcadia Police Foundation.

Cao identifies several issues that he wants to focus on:

HEALTH - The pandemic has changed our lives and our families. If elected, Cao wants to establish an ad hoc health committee, to promote health fairs, and to strengthen the commitment to Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

EMPOWERMENT - Empowerment means that people are equal citizens and that they have a voice. It is a key concept in promoting civic engagement. Cao encourages Arcadians to get involved with the community.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - Appropriations should not exceed the resources available to cover expenditures. The pandemic has caused budget challenges. If elected, Cao will work diligently with the City Council and staff to maintain a balanced budget.

MAILBOX THEFT - This is a growing problem in Arcadia. As a director of the Arcadia Police Foundation, Cao works closely with the Police Department to increase surveillance, promote citizen participation, and invest in public safety.

HOMELESS CRISIS - Arcadia has a homeless issue. Cao advocates working closely with Los Angeles County and other cities to understand the root causes in order to alleviate the crisis.

VETERANS AND SENIOR CITIZENS - Cao wants to honor the veterans and senior citizens who live in Arcadia. He will fight to maintain and expand recreational, health, and other services. “Every city has different people. A city council should be equally diverse. I am a medical doctor. During this Covid-19 pandemic, I have been on the frontline saving lives. My unique healthcare perspectives would help round out 4 wonderful council members,” said Cao. Cao was also an assistant professor at USC. He has lived in Arcadia for a decade with his wife and their three children. An avid sports fan, Cao enjoys basketball, football, and baseball. He looks forward to serving the needs of the residents in District 5.