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Methodist Hospital Foundation

Methodist Hospital began more than a century ago with a gift from the Women’s Home Missionary Society. Then in 1950 a group of civic-minded volunteers came together to ask their friends and neighbors for funds to bring Methodist Hospital to Arcadia. Throughout their years of service, they have flourished because of generous donors.

Methodist Hospital Foundation was founded in 1979 as a philanthropic support for medical care in Los Angeles County. Gifts and bequests to the Foundation provide resources for new medical technology, first-rate hospital facilities, high-quality, personal health care services.

They strive to provide the people of the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County with comprehensive medical services. They are a non-profit hospital and donations go along way in aiding them in their mission and expanding their services. Through gifts, philanthropic support and donations, they have grown into a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technology. They continue to look for ways to improve.

For 40+ years the Foundation has regularly hosted community fundraising events. The proceeds from these events support the hospital and staff. One of the foundations popular events is the Crystal Ball. Millions of dollars have been raised to help the hospital transform their campus to better serve the community. They also hold an annul Mari Gras event that brings guests and local businesses together to raise additional funds.

Over the years The Foundation has help provide:

  • Advanced cancer care and resources

  • Expanded emergency services

  • High quality maternal and childcare

  • Award-winning cardiac program

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Training and education programs on advanced medical techniques for hospital staff.

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