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Big Break Golf: Moore no more?

Larry Stewart

Larry Stewart

With Blake Moore of Monrovia appearing as though he was about to say “no mas,” there was almost no more Moore on the 10-week “Big Break Disney Golf series currently airing on the Golf Channel. In the fourth show of the series Tuesday night (Nov. 3), Moore got extended as far as one could before hitting a great tee shot to survive and move on.

The series was taped in and around Orlando, Fla., in July. The main prize is an exemption into a PGA Tour tournament. Comptitors are sworn to secrecy, so the results are unknown until the shows are aired.

Moore, who holds the official course record at Santa Anita Golf Course of 62 and has fared well on mini tours, is considered to be one of the most talented competitors on this “Big Break” series. But it was clear Tuesday night that his nerves got to him.

Meanwhile, Kevin Erdman of Arcadia also had his struggles on Tuesday night’s show, but he too moved on. Both golfers were previously profiled in previous blogs.

contestant Sean Kalin

Contestant Sean Kalin trying to hit a golf ball over a wall and into a net on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

On the first challenge – hitting a flop shot over a wall and into a net, neither Moore nor Erdman scored. And neither earned immunity in a closest-to-the-pin contest from 238 yards or a distance-control challenge.

Moore and Erdman were two of the three golfers forced into the elimination challenge. The other six golfers had earned immunity. This was the third time in four weeks that Erdman had failed to earn immunity.

Joining the two Arcadia-area golfers in elimination play on Tuesday night’s show was Sean Kalin. The elimination round consisted of hitting approach shots from three locations on the eighth hole at Disney’s Oak Trail Course. It came down to a playoff between Blake and Sean after Blake missed a three-foot putt.

The playoff location was 275 yards from the pin. Blake hit it stiff. His ball landed pin high on the green and he easily two-putted for par. Sean pulled his tee shot left into the trees and had no chance. He took a double bogey on the hole and was sent packing.

There are now eight golfers left. They come from all across the country. It’s just an amazing coincidence that two are from the same area.


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