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Arcadia Council PTA

Established in 1953, Arcadia Council PTA is the organization that coordinates the activities of the 10 PTA units affiliated with schools in the Arcadia Unified School District.

The 10 member units of Arcadia Council PTA are:

  • Baldwin Stocker Elementary School PTA

  • Camino Grove Elementary School PTA

  • Highland Oaks Elementary School PTSA

  • Holly Avenue Elementary School PTA

  • Hugo Reid Elementary School PTSA

  • Longley Way Elementary School PTA

  • Dana Middle School PTSA

  • First Avenue Middle School PTSA

  • Foothills Middle School PTSA

  • Arcadia High School PTSA.

Arcadia Council PTA provides its member units with an opportunity for cooperation in promoting their common interests and discussion regarding their common issues and coordinates the work of the member units with other agencies or organizations in the area working for children and youth. Arcadia Council PTA also serves as a channel of communication between the California State PTA, First District PTA, and the member units.

Arcadia Council PTA holds association meetings five times per year where, in addition to taking care of organizational business, attendees get to hear reports from Arcadia Unified School District staff and other community groups like the Gilb Museum, the Arcadia Public Library, the Arcadia Recreation & Community Services Department. In addition, Arcadia Council PTA usually hosts two annual special luncheons: the February luncheon is a celebration of National PTA’s three founders (Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and Selena Sloan Butler) as well as Arcadia Council PTA’s annual Honorary Service Awards celebration, and the May luncheon is a PTA Membership Awards and Installation Ceremony for the new officers.

Arcadia Council PTA coordinates participation of its 10 member units in “Reflections” (an annual National PTA arts program) and the monthly “Can You Help?” food drives at each of the 10 schools (which support needy families and individuals in partnership with Foothill Unity Center).

For the past several years (prior to Covid), Arcadia Council PTA also sent delegations of parents, students, teachers, and administrators to the annual California State PTA Legislative Conference in Sacramento to learn about school legislation and funding and advocate for youth and education.


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