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An Overview of AAUW

The American Association of University Women, founded in 1881, is open to all graduates who hold an Associate or equivalent (RN), Baccalaureate, or a higher degree from a college or university on the AAUW list of qualified institutions. Membership in AAUW enables women to continue their intellectual growth, to further the advancement of women and girls, and to discharge their special responsibilities to society. AAUW has more than 170,000 members and donors, 1000 branches and more than 800 college/university partner members joined in advocacy, action, research, and life-long learning. For 140 years AAUW has worked for the advancement of women and girls, their recognition as first-class citizens, equal opportunity, and the right to choose from many alternative careers and lifestyles. The Pasadena Branch of AAUW held its first meeting in November of 1934. Over the past 88 years of existence, the branch has supported AAUW's broad scope of commitments to the advancement of women and girls, international issues, education, cultural interests, public policy, and the community. Pasadena Branch annually sponsors and participates in a "Stem Savvy Day For Girls At Pasadena City College". PUSD middle school girls come to PCC to attend workshops that spark interest in math, technology, and science, as well as careers in these areas. Pasadena AAUW also provides funds for local middle school girls to attend "Tech Trek" science and math camp each year. "Tech Trek" is a program where girls spend a week living on a college campus to learn and have fun with science, math and computers. AAUW is always navigating toward a better future for women and girls through their programs and through the work of their members and supporters like you! Together, we take many paths to do the work of tackling the barriers that women and girls still face in effective and innovative ways. Stay tuned for more in this series on Arcadia Civic & Non-Profit Groups.

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