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Urgent parcel tax response needed

Editor’s note: The following blog relates to recent controversy over a parcel tax on all property owners, including schools, churches, businesses, and government entities, proposed by the L.A. County Department of Public Works to pay for improved storm water runoff and opposed by the County’s own Mayor of Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich – a summary of a recent presentation to the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Forum on the topic by LADPW Principal Engineer Phil Doudar can be found by clicking here. The tax would amount to anywhere from $54 per year indefinitely for most residents to tens of thousands of dollars for large property owners and hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for the City of Arcadia to implement required changes. A recent mailing was sent to all property owners as a simple folded document that some people may have assumed was a junk mail. If less than 50% of the recent mailings are not returned indicating a protest of the proposal, the issue will be put on an election ballot.

Mary Dougherty, Arcadia resident

I have heard from a number of residents and business owners that have discarded the notice regarding the Clean Water Parcel Tax proposal, asking how to file a protest. Below is a form that was created by the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Coalition of Chambers to assist members who might want to file a protest (Editor’s note: also a link below to the County’s form to use to file a protest).

Saving water is a good cause, but the SGVLCC believes the proposed legislation is not yet ready for prime time, because:

1) It currently has no provision for reducing the parcel fee for landowners who have invested in stopping or reducing the storm runoff from their property.

2) It currently has no sunset clause for evaluation of the program.

3) The formula for the parcel fee does not explicitly measure storm water runoff, but measures the percentage of supposed impervious area. While somewhat correlated to runoff, it does not take into consideration water capture by a landowner.

I urge you to review this tax/fee measure to determine whether or not you wish to file a protest. Info is at: – FAQ here.

If you wish to file a protest you may feel free to click on the image of the form at right to enlarge, and make a printout of it and return as indicated. (Or click here for downloadable/printable PDF version of the form at the County’s site.) If you support this parcel tax, then you don’t need to take any action at this time. Best wishes for your thoughtful review of this matter.

Mary E. Dougherty Arcadia, CA.

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