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Turmoil Rocked the Arcadia Police Department in 1934

At the Arcadia City Council meeting of October 19, 1934 and without giving his reason, Councilman Daniels moved that the office of Chief of Police be declared vacant. Turmoil and scandal surrounded this dismissal of Arcadia Chief of Police Isaac L. Hollowell, previously with LAPD, who served less than one year, in the capacity as head of Arcadia’s Police and Fire Departments. Insufficient salary was the official reason Hollowell gave for leaving, but it was apparent that the Arcadia City Council was displeased with his tenure.

The change was ordered, when newly elected Councilman, Grant W. Corby replaced recalled Councilman Walter A. Schrader. More than 300 Arcadia residents at the meeting indulged in whistles, cat-calls and applause, depending upon who they supported.

The reinstatement of former Chief Jack Richards made it apparent that the balance of power in the Arcadia City Council had shifted – again.

Richards, who was summarily dismissed four months earlier, had been accused of improprieties, including the stealing of City property. After Schrader assumed office, Richards was reinstated for a trial period of ninety days.

However, on March 22, 1935, Donald G. Ott became Chief of Police and the fourth to hold that office in twelve months, twice by Richards.

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