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Troy & Marge Bond: their love story

Troy and Margie grew up living right next door to each other on Valencia Avenue in Pasadena. As a little girl, Margie had a crush on Troy. With Troy being nine years older, he didn’t pay attention to her, as he thought of her as ‘just the cute little girl next door.’ Therefore, her efforts in gaining his attention were fruitless. Even so, that never stopped her from keeping an eye on him!

Troy and Margie Bond, 1952

As time went on and cute little Margie became a pre-teen, she and her friends discovered that they could see into Troy’s bathroom due to the way the houses were situated. They would watch him while he was in there handling his business and giggle away! Little did he know! More time went on, and Margie blossomed into a very beautiful young woman. Troy seemed oblivious. Margie began to date a handsome Marine, but in the back of her mind she knew that one day she would marry that Troy Bond next door! Troy’s mother, Olive Bond, even tried to nudge Troy along and encourage him to notice the beauty next door!

One afternoon, Troy was walking down his driveway and he heard Margie laughing in her backyard. Her laughter got his attention and he peeked over the fence! He saw the handsome Marine playfully tossing Margie up in the air! At that moment, something registered with him, and for the first time, he saw her as a beautiful young woman in the arms of a handsome Marine! He decided to pursue her.

At some point, Margie’s mother, Florence Gordon, marched next door to give Troy a piece of her mind. She knocked on the door and Troy answered it. In so many words, Florence firmly told Troy to pee or get off the pot with her daughter! That was the final nudge he needed and they were married within a short time later on July 25, 1952!

At Arcadia home

My name is Lori Bond. My older brother Pete Bond and I are the children of Troy and Marge. We grew up in the Arcadia home my parents purchased in 1954 for $11,000, and in which they still consider their Home Sweet Home.

We will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on July 28.

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