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Supporting Teachers

It is said that our teachers are teaching the next generation. Why is it so important for us to go to school? Most of our economists, presidents, billionaires, and even Ivy League students know that every step they take and every time they succeed it is because of their knowledge taught by someone. Teachers are special people that play a great role in our life.

Benjamin Liu of Camino Grove Elementary

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by Benjamin Liu, a 5th grader at Camino Grove Elementary

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What makes your child successful? Who inspired them? Always remember, behind every successful person is a fabulous teacher. Our President and past Presidents of the United States did not gain all the knowledge and wisdom themselves. Behind them was always a great teacher or teachers, someone who taught them and inspired them.

We know for a fact that a good teacher is priceless and that we should always press on to support them. Ask this question to yourself: In the future, when your children are adults they will take the place of architects, scientists, etc.; don’t you want them to be amazing and well-experienced? We don’t want someone that makes wrong decisions to be our President and we want a future successful generation.

Why should we support teachers? Imagine that all of our inspiring teachers left the world. How big of an impact does it make to all of us?  We would suffer immensely without having the teachers that make an enormous difference to this world.  Everybody reading this article should know that instructors and teachers make our world a better place and it is said that jobs and the economy all depend on them to generate intelligent people.

Maybe less people would become scientists or electricians because of the big education loss that come back to affect their lives.  Teachers give off something tremendous that cannot be redeemed by anything. They pass on knowledge, which is an important thing that will be beneficial to you forever. Maybe without knowledge you would be a cashier when you were really meant to be a paleontologist.

Is it reasonable that you donate money or even lend a hand to one of these teachers who make a difference in our life? Budget cuts occur in every school these days. Some teachers got laid off and kids would sometimes struggle to learn due to the lack of qualified teachers.

Classroom populations would expand because of the decreasing number of the teachers. Imagine raising your hand for ten minutes just to wait for yourself to be called. By not getting enough education support from the teachers, students would miss very important education concepts that would very well be used in the future.

Students keep a steady pace to learning what they need for their future. Donating money to save more teachers is a great way to support them and students. By doing this, you will help many future students. By giving students a great education, it means a brighter future and that is the best way a parent could do to help a child. So please step up and make a difference.

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