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Relay for Life kickoff

More than 125 people attended the recent Relay for Life Kickoff event at Dave & Buster’s at Westfield Santa Anita, with six more teams registering, bringing the total to 39 teams already.

The following 2-minute promotional video was shown describing the event.

<Story continues below the video.> Volunteer students from Club Hope Can Cure Cancer and Club Kare4Kids decorated the room, where every kid in attendance received a free game card valued at $7.00.

  1. Survivors Day at the races Saturday April 16th contact Doug Townsend for details:

  2. Bark For Life Event at Eisenhower Park on Sunday May 22nd.

  3. Mini Relay for elementary kids at Camino Grove on June 3, 2011

  4. Day of  the event, entertainment window has been expanded until 2:00am

  5. Music goes until midnight and we will be adding a dance contest at 11:00pm

  6. We will be showing a movie at midnight

  7. We will also have a Miss Relay Contest where each team selects a guy to dress as a woman to then go around the campsite to see which guy can collect the most money

  8. We will also have a silent auction where we ask each team to donate a basket valued at least $50.00 to be raffled

  9. This year, our event will be a Polynesian Theme style event where we ask all campsites to be decorated Polynsesian style.

  10. Also this year, instead of beads, we will have Puka shells to mark each lap. Each lap is about 1/3 of a mile.

  1. At least 200 Registered Survivors

  2. At least 60 Registered Fundraising Teams

  3. Raise at least $150,000.00 for our event

  4. Every participant raise at least $100.00

Guest speaker Ms. Hattie Batten Bragg, a three-stage breast cancer survivor who is also the author of the book “The Boob Attack: Finding Laughter While Raining Tears,” told her amazing story of survival and then formed a team to join our event.

More than 40 people are committee chairs and co-chairs but more members are needed. Please e-mail Carter at

  1. Dave & Buster’s gave us everything for free

  2. Santa Anita Park (racetrack) our beautiful facility for our event as well as this year’s Survivor Day of the Races

  3. Hilton Garden Inn our meeting place for captains and committee

  4. The City of Arcadia for sponsoring our Bark For Life event at Eisenhower Park

  5. Arcadia Weekly and Arcadia’s Best for advertising our event

  6. Our in-kind food sponsors Matt Denny’s and the three Arcadia Subway’s (2nd & Duarte, Pavilions and Huntington)

  7. Methodist Hospital for providing the Survivors Breakfast and gift

  8. South Paw Pro Sound will supply the professional sound system

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