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Race Track Offers Free Fire Station Site on Baldwin Avenue

In 1954 there was a need to replace the 1932 fire station on South Baldwin Avenue. A piece of property was purchased at

645 Fairview Avenue for the new facility. To expedite the construction of a new station, the Los Angeles Turf Club offered to deed to the city, free of cost, land on the northeast corner of Baldwin and Huntington Drive. The City accepted this offer. Sale of the Fairview property could cover construction costs, and the project went forward.

Arcadia Firemen moved into the new $45,000 Baldwin Avenue Fire Station on October 20, 1958. The 5,200-square-foot, modern-design structure featured push-button operations that cut alarm response time, boost the safety factor for firemen riding the trucks and controlled traffic signals at the intersection.

On April 8, 1994, Arcadians celebrated a rededication for Station #2 on Baldwin Avenue. Additions brought even more safety features to the facility, as well as greater fire protection to the southwestern portion of Arcadia.


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