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Placating bullying situations

Playful rough-housings and simple insults make up the components and base of developing a bully. You don’t know how much it can change one’s life, to appear like an old dusted photograph, to have once appeared as the sun, but now a frail and helpless child vulnerable to every aspect of betrayal and sinister remarks. People have to be bullied all throughout their lives to understand how they work and how society cannot change the situation.

Benjamin Liu, sixth grader at Dana Middle School, CEO of uScribe

Bullying can be compared to being a parasite. It journey’s into other bodies of nature and battles self repulsively, while few can resist and learn the correct way to deal with these situations. The parasite multiplies as in taking over victims of bullies and creating sinister ghosts while the real mind lies asleep like an angel. In order to stand up and support anti-bullying, you must be able to understand how these dark lords think and also how to deal peacefully with them.

Step 1: Bullies Are Not the Problem, Their Motives Are; Relinquish Them: A bully is controlled by pressure, tension, and anger from dark experiences that have influenced them. These experiences permanently scar them mentally and they choose to take out this anger on whatever they can find. By this statement, getting rid of the bullies will only postpone the inevitable for them to find their way to other vulnerable students. The solution is to relinquish their motive of bullying and stopping their impulses of hatred and anger to the point they have no reason to show bloody knuckles. Relinquish their motive and council them to let out their drifting feelings that have piled up and built endless tension. The battle between the parasites will succeed, for friendship and companionship shows a stronger meaning and deems unbreakable when circumstances try to separate an unbreakable bond.

Step 2: Get Yourself Out of Enemy Lines: Before standing up for one’s who cannot protect themselves, people must sprint along with their stealthy skills through enemy lines while dodging gunshots and bullets flying aimlessly everywhere. This means that, although people may feel safe and courageous enough to stand up for themselves, they must secure themselves into firm responsibility and avoid the path of the devil. Many students may think they can stand up for others, but they lose themselves to the sinister parasite themselves without placating it. Making sure people are safe behind enemy lines is vital, for if the ways of impurity influence them like so many others, they will pay fatally in the end.

Step 3: Example Situation: A Bully Knocks Over Your lunch on Purpose The correct way to react would be to act calmly while respectfully. Smiling and laughing along would be a very intimidating, yet successful strategy, because a bully develops success from a response of anger and vulnerability, but showing you’re not the next cow for slaughter stops the fire from burning down the church. Spread the message, so many students can be aware of the right ways to placate bully situations as well as the sinister parasite. Students need to realize that friendship and companionship is stronger than anything, therefore, its unstoppable power and unbreakable strength can put an end to bullying, because we’re all human and we’re all united no matter how different or how separated we are.

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