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Park Master Plan Resident Survey

The City of Arcadia Recreation and Community Services Department seeks resident input on park facilities and recreation program as part of its community outreach effort for a new recreation and parks master plan.

One of the ways the city is assessing community needs, suggestions, and priorities is through a community survey. The survey is available both online and in paper form. Residents can pick up the paper survey form at the Arcadia Community Center Recreation Office or go online to complete and submit the survey at: (copy of survey below)

You can also access the survey link through the city’s web site at by clicking on Recreation & Community Services under the “City Departments” heading on the homepage. Residents can also check the master plan status and get information on how to submit ideas and comments. The survey is still available and should be completed as soon as possible. For more information call the Recreation and Community Services Department at 626-574-5113.

See flier above right for public workshops on this matter.

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