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Parade celebrates history

The Patriotic Festival sponsored by Arcadia’s Best was a fantastic time for everyone who participated.

Emily Zheng

It was great seeing citizens from all over Arcadia gathered at one place to celebrate Arcadia’s and America’s history. From getting to the Festival site at 8 o’clock in the morning, setting up the Arcadia’s Best booth, selling the Festival programs, providing information about the parade and other sites, collecting ballots for the Beautiful Baby and Beautiful Senior Photo Contest, beating the heat, and staying for the post-parade celebration at six,

Festival attendees look at the many booths on First Avenue. All photos by Emily Zheng.

volunteering for Arcadia’s Best Patriotic Festival was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed being a part of the first Arcadia Patriotic Festival in 75 years.

The festival truly reflects what Arcadia is about,

Emily Zheng and Alan Luo help out at the Arcadia’s Best booth.

showing different parts of Arcadia’s history and culture, from the Rose Queens to the Boy Scouts to the AHS Marching Band to the antique cars.This festival was a celebration of every single one of us in Arcadia, and truly showcases our wonderful culture. Hopefully this festival will continue on throughout the years and will join the rest of our Arcadian culture as a long-lived tradition.

<Editor’s Note: This is a guest opinion blog by Emily Zheng, a recent graduate of Dana Middle School.>

Parade in progress: Boy Scouts – San Gabriel Valley Council.

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