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LA Arboretum: Art of Herbalism – Spring Cleanse

Spring is the time of year to cleanse – to support detoxification and metabolism in the liver and to revitalize after the dense, rich foods of winter. We can all use some liver support as we are exposed to many toxins, pollutants, and over processed foods. We will take a closer look at the role of the liver in our body’s overall health and how herbs can nourish and strengthen this vital organ of metabolism. For the hands-on portion, we will be preparing herbal vinegars with an emphasis on seasonal spring greens and roots and the bitter taste.

February 16, Spring Cleanse 10am-12pm

$25 Arboretum members $35 non–members (include Arboretum Admission) Questions? Please call the Education Department at 626.821.4623

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