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Katy Perry at Arboretum for Roar vid

Katy Perry came to Arcadia last month to produce the music video for the song the 28-year-old debuted live in New York just a couple of weeks later at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

“Roar,” which already has 59 million views on YouTube alone, was filmed at the L.A. County Arboretum over four days Aug. 5-8, complete with live elephants, tigers, monkeys, birds, tarantulas, and alligators in and around the prehistoric forest and waterfall, as well as the opening shots of the crashed plane near Baldwin Lake. The Arboretum enjoyed several call-outs on TV stations when the video debuted a few days ago. <Story continues after the following music video…>

The production by Motion Theory was highly confidential with no cell phones or texting allowed on the set, according to Arboretum spokesperson Nadia Balaz, who also noted that he code for the person’s name who was not to be spoken as “Dirty Dishes.”


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