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Jim Helms: Campaign Propriety

I was shocked to hear a message on my answering machine from Mayor Pro Tem Bob Harbicht asking me to vote for John Wuo for the City Council.

Jim Helms

(Editor’s note: The author Jim Helms is a former Mayor of Arcadia. Bob Harbicht sent an e-mail blast a few days ago endorsing John Wuo and Mayor Gary Kovacic, followed by a “robo-call” endorsing Wuo in a message that concluded with a recorded voice noting that the automated call was paid for by the campaign to elect John Wuo.)

In the many years that I have been associated with Arcadia politics, I have never seen such a blatant effort by a member of the City Council to promote the election of any candidate. That smacks of the “Good Old Boys Club.” It is a game of “Musical Chairs.” That is exactly what the voters of Arcadia said that they did not want to create when we overwhelmingly approved a charter amendment limiting council members to two 4-year terms in office. That is a form of nepotism that can lead to problems such as in Bell and other communities.

If elected, John would be beholden to support any suggestion by Bob. Councilmen should be independent and think for themselves.

Fortunately, Bob and John and Mayor Gary Kovacic are all good men and have served our city well. The Charter looks to the periodic input of new faces and new ideas on our City Council. That promises new and independent thought. That is the result I hope we will see in this election.

Jim Helms 2220 Sewanee Lane Arcadia, CA

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