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Greece learning vacation July 27

Paco’s Mexican Restaurant owner Christina Karagias believes that families who study together, stay together. She also believes that the word “family” includes friends, business associates, and like-minded people who share similar goals.


Christina Karagias

That’s why she has put together a two-week program in Greece July 27 – Aug. 9 that combines education with vacation for families of any definition. The adventure in the city of Athens, which contains the Plaka area that is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas of Europe. A highlight of the trip is a keynote speech by marketing legend George Lois (created the “I want my MTV” campaign and helped turned Tommy Hilfiger into a global brand).

There will be family cultural programs; culinary and wine educational experiences; Continuing Education courses on managing people and leadership strategies for creativity and innovation; tours of the Acropolis, Athens, Olympia, Delphi, and the Greek Parliament; excursions to Vravrona Beach and Naxos Island; exotic dinners; Greek theater performances; family cooking at a Greek restaurant; and much more. And all for about $4,649 – $5,570 per person, depending on whether 1-3 people are staying in each room (not including airfare). Most breakfasts and some other meals are included. (Learn more and register at:

Having hosted a number of business-oriented events and fund-raisers for local community groups at Paco’s, Christina is now taking the next big step in putting together this more ambitious adventure package for adults and kids.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own air travel to Greece (roughly $1,200 round-trip, for which Christina can recommend a travel agent called Konstantine to book discounted travel through one of three companies based in the U.S., China and Greece). Once in Greece, a fascinating educational program is set up for travelers the first week, followed by a more traditional vacation tour the second week.

“It gives us a chance to vacation together and educate together and make new connections, friendships and relationships while in Europe,” says Christina, noting that the continuing education program is an opportunity for parents to demonstrate the importance of education to their children.”

The 20 hours of Continuing Education courses are spread out over five sessions of 4 hours each, culminating in a collective 2.0 CE units, which Christina says is perfect for licensing boards of California. She notes that the IRS allows students to deduct a portion of their educational, travel, housing and meal expenses if classes meet certain requirements (check with your licensing board and your tax advisor).

“We’re trying to simulate a global think tank of like-minded people who want to set a good example for their communities,” Christina says. “Paco’s is like a family and this trip is like a living Facebook.”

Full details and registration is here:


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