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Glen B. Watson, City Engineer, and More

Glen B. Watson began his service as Arcadia’s City Engineer in 1923 and served in a three-fold capacity: City Engineer, Building Inspector and Street Superintendent. In 1931, it was reported that when the Huntington Drive bridge was widened to 100 feet overall, Watson was on hand each day to guard the interests of the city and do away with any serious bottlenecks.

In 1936, the development of Arcadia County Park was under his supervision as City Engineer. At the same time, he was supervising two more complex projects: the construction of a city water project being developed along Santa Anita Avenue from Foothill Blvd. south to Duarte Road, and the third was the widening of Huntington Drive through the center of Arcadia. In 1945, when the sewer bond election passed, Glen Watson was given the responsibility of designing a city wide sewer system. He had the skills and knowledge to get the job done, and the city placed the responsibility in his hands.

Mr. Watson also had a street named for him: Watson Drive.

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