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General Plan Biz Workshop 8/4

A special workshop is planned for 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 4, at the City Council Chambers, 240 W. Huntington Dr., to discuss the Arcadia General Plan and get thoughts and ideas from the business community. The workshop is sponsored by the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and the City of Arcadia. The City’s new General Plan is intended to create a vision and path for Arcadia over the next 25 years and will include goals and policies for land use, economic development, circulation, and more.

Get Involved Throughout the General Plan process, input from the business owners has been sought and incorporated. The workshop is another important opportunity to provide input. The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and the City of Arcadia want to hear from you. Join us for an update and to provide feedback.

To learn more about the General Plan Update, please call Lisa Flores, senior planner, at 626-574-5445 or e-mail You may also visit the Arcadia General Plan website.


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