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This week, the City is releasing the Draft Environmental Impact Report prepared for the proposed development at the Derby/Souplantation Restaurant site. Per CEQA regulations, this is the time for people to review and comment on the plans. As a refresher, here is the project description: The Project is to demolish the existing Derby restaurant (“The Derby”) and the vacant, former Souplantation restaurant and construct a six-story, mixed-use development over the approximately 2.23 acre site. To accommodate the new building, the two existing lots will be merged as one legal lot. The Derby will be reconstructed as a larger, two-story restaurant of approximately 12,850 square feet. In addition, two new commercial spaces will be included on the ground floor adjacent and to the east of the new driveway entrance: a 1,400 square foot café and a 3,300 square foot restaurant. The new mixed-use development will consist of 205 market rate units and 9 affordable units, totaling 214 rental units on levels two through six.

The Project would include

one level of

subterranean (i.e., basement level parking for residents, as well as exterior and interior ground-level parking areas. Ground-floor parking areas would be predominately valet serviced and reserved for restaurant/café uses and residential visitors. Primary access to the residential tenant and guest parking at the basement level would be provided via a separate, secure ingress/egress driveway from Gateway Drive. Primary access for the commercial parking would be from a driveway on E. Huntington Drive and a driveway on Gateway Drive. The Project would provide a total of 412 parking spaces consisting of 239 residential and 173 commercial/valet spaces. Approximately 10% of the residential spaces provided would include electric vehicle charging stations. The Project would also include motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces. Given the long-standing nature of the business, we fully expect some comments from preservation advocates in addition to normal comments on parking, traffic, affordable housing, water conservation, and the like. This project will be coming to the Planning Commission this fall for consideration and the City Council after that. So, as with most developments, if you get questions, it’s good to simply forward them to City staff for review and response so that you do not have to recuse yourself from any discussion on the matter.

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