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Cozad Park

Have you noticed the tiny park located at the southwest corner of Second Avenue and Huntington Drive?

The park was created when Second Avenue was widened and re-routed in 1970 as the 210 Freeway was constructed. Rather than have the section become a spot for a gas station or such, the City contracted with a landscape company to create the 9500 square foot site. (A complimentary article on the park appeared in the November 1972 issue of the “Landscape Industry.”)

This small conservation garden has a nice collection of plants that are drought resistant and suitable for our home gardens. All are attractive and blooming now:

Orchid Rockrose, Trailing Lantana, Kangaroo Paw and Wild Lilac, to name a few.

In addition there are two picnic tables ready for a group to enjoy a lunch snack or a bit of light gossip! By the way, it was named for Lyman Cozad, one of our most respected City Managers (1966-1977), one who served with distinction and honor.

Please feel free to share, post, tweet and spread the history!

Carol Libby & Mike Vercillo

Arcadia Historical Society

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