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Best burgers right here in Arcadia


At least, that’s according to a recent reader survey of 32,405 subscribers of Consumer Reports magazine, who ranked more than 65 fast food restaurant chains based on food quality, perceived value, politeness of staff, and speed of service. In-N-Out’s score of 88 tied for the highest overall with pizza place Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza, both of which were slightly ahead of the top-ranked chicken, Mexican, sandwich, and Asian chains (Panda Express was a distant third of three in the latter category; McDonald’s and KFC came in last in their categories; Papa John’s was a respectable fifth place among pizza places).

As for taste quality, In-N-Out was edged out by The Habit Burger Grill, but was slightly ahead of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and Smashburger (McDonald’s was last again at #21, and KFC was last again among chicken restaurants).

— By Scott Hettrick


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