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Arcadia TV golfers stayin’ alive

The theme song for the two Arcadia-area golfers competing in the Golf Channel’s “Big Break Disney Golf” series could be the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” Kevin Erdman of Arcadia and Blake Moore of Monrovia, both profiled in earlier blogs, are doing just that.

Larry Stewart

In Tuesday night’s third show of the 10-week series, both had their struggles. But the two LaSalle High graduates survived to continue on in the competition which started out with 12 golfers and is now down to nine. The main prize is an exemption into a PGA Tour tournament.

Tuesday night’s show featured three “Kodak Challenge” events. The first consisted of the players hitting balls off a mat and attempting to break a pane of glass placed out in front of them. It was a timed event. Kevin aced this one, breaking of the glass on his first attempt. Kevin was awarded a perfect score of 0. It took Blake 19 seconds, so he was given one point, still a very good score.

The next challenge was “Beat the Pro.” Pro golfer J.B. Holmes hit two shots to a green from about 100 yards. The competitors had to try and get inside Holmes’ shots. Here’s how it worked: Get inside his best shot and get a zero. Get inside his other shot and get 1 point. Get on the green and get 2 points. Off the green resulted in 3 points. Blake, using a 58-degree wedge, did well here and earned a 0. Kevin, using a 54-degree wedge, got 2 points.

Next came a putting contest, and here is where our guys fared poorly. They both missed all three of their tries from 10 feet and had to take the maximum 3 points. That gave Kevin 5 points and he had to continue on and try and avoid elimination in a three-hole, stroke-play competition. He went bogey, par, bogey on three difficult par-3 and still was able to survive. The golfer who was eliminated went double bogey, bogey, then picked up after failing to chip in for birdie. So Kevin and Blake both move on.

The next edition of the show will be on the Golf Channel next Tuesday at 7 p.m., with numerous replays to follow throughout the week. Check it out. Making this show particularly interesting is having two local golfers to root for.

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