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Arcadia’s City Election -July 27, 1903

Arcadia’s election to incorporate, held on July 27, 1903, had a successful outcome and was a financial “boon” to Baldwin and the saloon owners of Arcadia, particularly the “White City Saloon.”

This establishment was located west of Santa Anita Avenue and south of the Santé Fe railroad tracks; held special weekend entertainment that included baseball games, balloon ascensions, high-wire acts, and a merry-go-round.

Every evening one could enjoy bowling, vaudeville acts, musical comedy and musicals. Prize fights and dog races were offered, occasionally. Overnight accommodations would have been made at Baldwin’s Oakwood Hotel where slot machines, roulette wheels and poker games were offered as well as fine dining and world renowned wine and brandies. Arcadia, the city, newly formed, was a first-rate tourist destination.

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