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Arcadia link to Laker rings

When the Lakers were presented their championship rings shown off in a crowd-cheering ceremony prior to the season opener against Houston this week (video below), the pendant Jeanie Buss was wearing was made by Si “Lam” Hyunh, who owns Prince Jewelers at 411 E. Huntington Drive in Arcadia. Lam made the pendant prior to last season and presented it to Jeanie during a regular-season game in November. Lam also made special cufflinks for Coach Phil Jackson.

Copyright 2009-Prince Jewelers

The pendant features five purple stones surrounding a yellow diamond-studded gold basketball, all inside a gold circle representing a basketball rim. Lame calls it the “Lakers Dynasty Pendant.” When Lam first presented it to Jeanie, she was overwhelmed. “I love it,” she said at the time. Lam said, “It looks perfect on you. This is one of the best pieces of jewelry I have ever made.” He explained the five purple stones could represent five players on the court or the five championships the Lakers have won under Jackson and the yellow basketball could represent anything she wanted it to – her father, her boyfriend (Jackson), whatever. “You are a genius,” Jeanie told Lam. She said she would wear it only on very special occasions. Tuesday night’s ring ceremony certainly qualified. Jeanie was so excited about wearing the pendant on such a special night that she invited Lam and blogger Larry Stewart to the game as her special guests. And Lam’s pendant got some well-deserved national attention. — staff report

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