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AHS Constitution Team winners

Most people think that young people are uninterested in government and politics, but my time on the Arcadia High School Constitution Team has taught me otherwise. The Constitution Team is an academic team on campus that studies the Constitution and its various applications. We compete at the district, state, and national level in simulated Congressional hearings. The team is split into six units, with each unit specializing in different components of the Constitution.

AHS 2016 Constitution Team – Diana Lam second row from top, second from right

Editor’s Note: the author of this guest blog is Diana Lam, a founding leader of the Arcadia’s Best Foundation student group, the Arcadia Civic Youth Council. She is a member of Unit 2 (the framing of the Constitution) of the  AHS Constitution Team that won the State Championship in Bakersfield on Feb. 6 and will next compete in the National Finals in Washington D.C. April 21-26.

My teammates and I began our study of the intricacies of our government last June. Since then, we have diligently practiced with teachers, attorneys, and Mayor Gary Kovacic at our Monday night hearings at the City Council Chambers. Outside of the time spent with our coaches, we’ve dedicated hours to researching, drafting prepared responses, and debating. Our journey to become civic-minded and knowledgeable about the law that governs our land has led to an even deeper curiosity about the government and our role in it.

As the next generation of leaders, my peers and I know that we have the responsibility of being the sentinels of this Republic. We’re extremely honored to represent the state of California at our nation’s capital this April at the “We the People” national competition. While political apathy may be overwhelming in our nation, it’s comforting to know that it has failed to permeate this team.

If you would like to support our journey, please donate to and share our Gofundme fundraiser. All contributions will go towards our travel expenses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our coach Ms. Megan Leahy at Thank you!

Link to the fundraiser:

The AHS “We the People” Constitution Team, a tradition at Arcadia High School for 28 years, consists of 30 senior students in AP US Government class, teacher/leader Megan Leahy, and several volunteer coaches comprise the team effort. The competition discussions involve both the history and modern applications of the Constitution in congressional-style hearings. The team won the National Championship twice, in 1993 and 2010.

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