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A Publication from the Rotary Club of Arcadia

Our program for Friday will be Mike Real with an update about the wholesale food industry. Save the Date! April 29th we will be meting at the Arboretum, this would be a good time to invite a friend, or co-worker! Duarte Rotary Fundraiser Click or Tap to download flyer Announcements - Mike Hoey Terry Muse is doing fine. She is up walking around. Her radiation treatment will start in two weeks and will take six months to complete all her medical treatment. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayer for the remaining recovery both mentally and physically. Arcadia Rotary's 7th Annual Field of Honor 2022 is in the planning stage. We have a planning meeting every Tuesday at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Below is the ZOOM link. We need volunteers for all aspects of the project. Click or Tap to Join the ZOOM Meeting - Tuesdays at 5:00 pm only! Camp Trask/Fort Rotary We are looking for funds to complete work at Fort Rotary. We have a matching grant so your gift will be doubled. Let us know if you are able to help - any amount is most appreciated! Contributions will be made to the club foundation - so your gift may be tax deductible as well! We received an update - the roadways are in the process of being cleared and we should be able to complete the work on the fort soon. Click or tap to e-mail us that you are interested Rotary Minute - Dick Martinez

How is Rotary International organized?

How many clubs?

How many Districts?

How many zones? ou need to know!

From the Desk of Jim Helms...

Rotary Age Test If you remember when the newly designed Lincoln Zephyr was introduced in 1938 as the first really Streamlined car, you will also remember that it was years and years ahead of it's time. It competed with the Chrysler Air Flow. If you remember when you bought a Ford, in the 1930s, you could buy a Ford, or a Ford deluxe; and soon there after, a Ford Super deluxe, Then came Mercury in 1938 , a more super deluxe Ford, to fill in the gap between the Ford and Lincoln My father bought a 1941 Ford that he put over 200,000 miles on. By that time the cars were beginning to be being designed for beauty with whitewall tires. IT'S A PUZZLEMENT Alas, I had my April Fools joke last week. I made up that story about Horace Greeley and the cub reporter starting April Fools jokes. Well, the true story, or at least the one that makes the most sense to me: Where did April Fools’ Day come from? The true origins of April Fools’ Day remain unknown and are probably lost to history, but theories abound, of course. One story goes that April Fools’ Day began with France’s 1564 Edict of Roussillon, which decreed that New Year’s Day, historically observed on Easter by Christians, was moved to January 1. In those days there was no CNN or BBC, and it took a long time for many people to get the word. Those who did not were teased. April Fools day is called April Fish in France “Poisson d’avril.”. In Anglophone countries, it’s April fool, in Scotland, April Gowk, in Brazil, day of the lie. In France, April Fools day is known as April Fish, “Poisson d’Avril” [PWAH-Sone DAH-Vril]. The literal translation of April fools is “dupe d’avril,” but if you said that to someone in France, they would stare blankly at you and have no clue what you were talking ab In France, April Fool’s Day is simply known as the ‘1er avril’ but it is a day when people, mostly children, try to hook paper fish on the back of unwary victims which will then walk around with a paper fish on their backs without their knowledge. Like in the UK, it is a day for pranks and jokes. When a prank is discovered, the prankster shouts out ‘poisson d’avril!’. Lunch menu: Green Salad Sautéed Spinach Chicken Marsala Dessert (Longo’s Choice) Non-alcoholic beverage service Meeting is at Matt Denny's - Friday April 8 @ 12 noon ROTARY Anniversaries: Brian Hall 4/13/2001 21 Years Bob Hoffman 4/13/2001 21 Years Upcoming Meeting Programs and Events April 15 - Police Chief Roy Nakamura April 22 - First Avenue Teacher of Year - Fenton Ng April 29 - Meeting at Arboretum

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