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Online Wagering Provider Introduces Financial Stimulus Package for Horseplayers

September 27, 2016 (Washington, PA) – This Election Season, leading online wagering provider, Xpressbet, is reminding all Americans about our nation’s great history with the sport of horse racing. In doing so, Xpressbet has introduced a Financial Stimulus Package for Horseplayers that includes discounted past performances, lucrative wagering bonuses and an industry-leading Sign Up Bonus for new customers. This Stimulus Package is earmarked for the millions of Americans who enjoy the thrill and excitement of a day betting the races.

“Xpressbet believes in horse racing. This is the sport we love, and the sport we work tirelessly to grow, support and promote,” said Xpressbet President, Ron Luniewski. “While we don’t have a stake in the Election, we do have a stake in the future of horse racing and we think all Americans can agree that a day betting the races is a day well spent.”

That belief is at the core of Xpressbet’s Financial Stimulus Package for Horseplayers, which includes:

· ‘Double Your Deposit’ Sign Up Bonus: Sign Up for an account using promo code VOTEXB and earn up to a $500 Bonus. · Great 40 Million Points Giveaway: Customers can win 1 Million Bonus XB Rewards Points every day from October 1 – November 8. · 50% Off Past Performances: DRF Classic (TB) and TrackMaster Platinum Plus (HRN) Past Performances are 50% off.

Xpressbet’s steadfast commitment to horse racing is evident in its Make America Bet Again Manifesto, a public declaration of intent to do everything possible to make horse racing one of the country’s most popular sports again. It reminds us that America’s forefathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant, loved to watch, bet and participate in horse racing.

Xpressbet has set up a website,, where horseplayers and fans can read the Manifesto and declare their support for the sport by sharing the Manifesto on social media.

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