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Thankfully, right about the time matters were very serious around town on Tuesday, the rain subsided and we were able to catch up on things. The biggest impacts we had were more mudflows through Wilderness Park (the photo right shows new flows going over the k-rails we had installed. Those rails are 4 feet high – all of that mud is new). For the first time, mud reached the nature center itself. We can’t get into the building at the moment due to substantial mud piled up against the protection measures we’d put in front of the doorways, but we expect that at least some mud and water have entered the building. We also had significant water flows into the Community Center from both the aging roof and the ground level. The building sits below the height of the parking lot and the street there, so keeping significant water away from the foundations is difficult. We are working on some engineering solutions to address this in the future. While we expect a good amount of rain again this weekend, forecasts call for less than we had earlier this week. Fingers crossed, our systems should be able to keep up with the expected flows. We will be discussing all of this in detail at the Council Meeting on Tuesday and will show photos and videos of the state of things. Kudos to Public Works and all departments who have kept the City functioning during this event.


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