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Rotary fun

Mike Danielson started us off with a rousing song about Felix Navidad, who I think is a Hispanic gentleman who is really good at wishing people a Merry Christmas. Anyway, Felix - and we - wished everyone a Merry Christmas a couple of dozen times.

Thanks to Leilani for leading the flag salute, Mike Danielson for the prayer, and Mike Hoey for enthusiastically introducing our guests. One of the guests was Lydia Carswell, a member of Duarte Rotary, and also the Assistant Governor for our area of District 5300. Lydia brings together the presidents of the Duarte, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and Arcadia Rotary Clubs to exchange ideas. Thanks for coming, Lydia.

Chris Haddow greeted us as we arrived and passed out parking validations. A shout-out to Chris. He is the one who works with the hotel as our Rotary representative. Case in point: because of the size of the group presenting our program we needed a larger room for this meeting. Just tell Chris. Done! Thanks, Chris. I don't know how many of you ever wonder how our lunch menu is selected. Mike Hoey is the man. There's lots going on behind the scenes to make this club work and we all should appreciate those who have "stepped up" to accomplish these tasks.

Mike Real couldn't be at the meeting, but he and Paula were thanked once again for opening their home for our Chrustmas party. Mike & Paula, there was loud applause and cheers when I mentioned the party.

Your president tried to enlist Imy Dulake's help for a little New Year's morning get-together, but Imy allowed as how she was going to be a little busy that day. She is riding on the Rotary International Rose Float! Imy is a major donor to the float. For that, she gets to show up at 4:00 in the morning in 30-something degree weather, and try not to think of using the bathroom until the parade finishes. Just kidding Imy. This truly is a "bucket list" opportunity and we'll all be watching for you as we view the parade. "There's my friend Imy."

Ray Bushnell, Frank Griffith and Yvonne Flint are three Arcadia Rotary members who have a long history with the Rotary Float. Without their efforts over the years, the Rotary float business would not have run nearly as well as it has. Thanks Yvonne, Frank and Ray for "stepping up" for Rotary.

Arcadia Rotary member and Superintendent of the Arcadia Schools David Vannasdall introduced our program, the Arcadia High School Chanteurs. This group - led by Connie Tu - is an amazing group of singers.There were 25 or 30 young people in the group. They performed as small ensembles with changing singers and then finished with all singing together. A really nice program which helped us all get into the Christmas mood.

I didn't know exactly what chanteur meant, so I looked it up. After at least four stabs at spelling it correctly, I finally got the definition. It means "singer." Somehow, I was expecting something more, shall we say, uplifting. Oh well, I guess "AHS Chanteurs," as opposed to "AHS Singers," does have a nicer ring to it.

Next week should be a fun and interesting program: The History of In-N-Out Burger.

Next week's program will be the last of program chairman Ken Chan. Ken was responsible for programs for our club for October, November, December. This is a big job and we all owe a big "Thank you" to Ken. Great job, Ken!

Please make a special effort to be at next week's meeting; it is our last of 2023. We are dark December 22nd and 29th for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

After the meeting, there was a meeting of a committee which is going to put on the "Teri Muse Walk-a-Thon." Mental health was of a particular interest to Teri and the proceeds will go to that cause. Stay tuned for more information. And if you'd like to be part of the planning and carrying out of this event, contact Rosie Mares, committee chair.

Bob Harbicht


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