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Rose queens, princesses reuniting for parade

It will be a first-of-its-kind reunion of at least a dozen women who represented Arcadia as a Rose Queen or Princess over a 60-year span when they return to be showcased in the Arcadia’s Best Patriotic Festival parade at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 2.

Top row: The 1949 Rose Queen, Virginia Bower Nichol. Bottom row: 1951 Rose Princess June Roan Patterson.

Queens and Princesses covering at least five different decades have already confirmed appearances, including 1949 Queen Virginia Bower Nichols, who is coming to Arcadia from Walnut Creek (near San Francisco) for another ride in a parade, this one in her former hometown.

A Princess from 1954-55, Susan Quarness James, will be coming all the way from Montana and will ride in a 1928 Ford Roadster provided by Dick Anderson of Arcadia.

They will be joined by more recent Rose Queens Courtney Lee (2009) and Natalie Innocenzi (2010), as well as 2010 Princess June Ko, all of Arcadia.

Others joining the special festivities include 2001 Rose Princesses Crystal Uribe and Nini Wu; 1996 Rose Princess Sarah Clinton Edgington; 1987 Rose Princess Diane Welch Sears; and 1951 Princess June Roan Patterson.

Two others are also hoping to attend: Melissa Villagagran Kaliel (1991) and 1980 Princess Linda Wieczorek.

Additional members of this elite group are encouraged to join this celebration of Arcadia royalty that will feature each Queen and Princess getting their own spotlight in a separate special vehicle riding on First Avenue from north of Duarte Road to Bonita Street just north of First Avenue Middle School. A group photo will be taken to commemorate the special occasion.

Royalty from the Arcadia floats in the Rose parade for many years also are invited to participate.

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