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Residential Burglary Arrests

A series of events that occurred in a span of two hours eventually led to an arrest of five individuals for burglary the following day. At approximately 9:00 AM on December 21, a residential burglary occurred at the 200 block of Golden West Ave. followed by a report at approximately 10:15 AM, where the resident on the 900 block of Palo Alto Dr. reported that she had reviewed her RING video and saw two individuals knocking on her front door then proceeded into the backyard. The suspects fled after she used the audible RING camera speaker to confront them. Officers determined that there was an attempt to enter the residence after locating fresh pry marks to the rear sliding door and two window screens. Another residential burglary was then determined to have occurred in the 1800 block of Watson Dr. about 30 minutes after the incident on Palo Alto Dr. A surveillance video showed the suspects used a pry bar and smashed in a rear window of the residence before making entry into the residence. At about 10:55 AM, a resident reported a vehicle appeared to be “casing the neighborhood” in the area of Grace Ave. and Watson Dr. The resident provided a description of the vehicle. Through investigative follow up by the Detective Bureau, the vehicle involved in the casing was identified through the FLOCK Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) System to be involved in the other residential burglaries that occurred that morning. Further follow up with the FLOCK ALPR System identified two additional vehicles associated with the burglaries. With the assistance of a task force surveillance team, it was further discovered that these vehicles were involved in burglaries in other jurisdictions in the County. The next day, a FLOCK ALPR alerted to the vehicles as they returned to Arcadia. The vehicles were located at approximately 3:00 PM, and the occupants were arrested after evidence linking them to the burglaries that occurred the day prior was recovered. The suspects of residential burglaries generally knock or ring the bell of the front door of a residence in order to determine if someone is home. If they receive no answer, they proceed to the rear yard and enter through a window or a sliding door. In this case, our investigation determined that if a resident happened to be home, the suspects used the ruse of losing a drone in the rear yard of the residence in order to vacate the premises in search of another target location.


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