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One Community, One Book features local author

Arcadia’s Best Foundation will present the second One Community, One Book event at 2 p.m. Sunday, October 2nd, this time featuring a popular new novel called “Cliff Falls” by a local author.


This year the program will feature the author C.B. Shiepe, in person reading a selection from his book and participating in a question-and-answer session and a dialogue with attendees. Shiepe is the brother of Bayne Meza, a teacher at Baldwin-Stocker Elementary School in Arcadia.

High school student performers will present dramatic interpretation of short passages from Cliff Falls, and a panel of religious and youth leaders will discuss the themes of the book.

The story takes place in a world where entertainment has become our religion and religion our entertainment. A former child TV star of the 1980s on the run from the pressures and expectations of his past, retreats to a self-imposed exile for 15 years winds up at a mega-church as a 33-year-old where he faces a different kind of spotlight, unexpected challenges, and redemption.

C.B. Shiepe

C.B. Shiepe

All Arcadians are encouraged to read the entertaining and powerful new novel and then participate in this citywide book club in Jordan Hall at the Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, 400 W. Duarte Road (SW corner of Holly Ave.).

Purchase the book at One Community, One Book supporter The Book Rack at 204 S. First Ave.

It is also available for purchase for Kindle, The Nook, at Vromans and

Free refreshments will be provided by Togo’s sandwich shop.

A limited number of One Community, One Book bookmarks and Arcadia’s Best buttons will be given out until supplies run out.

Shiepe was recently interviewed on the “Real Orange” TV program on PBS affiliate KOCE channel 50 about the book that he says has become the all-time top-selling self-published novel at Vroman’sbook store in Pasadena.

The novelist also appeared at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and last month’s Arcadia’s Best Patriotic Festival.

Shiepe is a USC graduate who began his career in production at the Walt Disney Company, has coached entertainment executives and pastors on brand management, synergy, and visionary leadership, and co-created three ministries in Hawai’i and California.

Former child star Paul Petersen of “The Donna Reed Show” and the original “Mickey Mouse Club,” who founded the child star advocacy group A Minor Consideration, says of Cliff Falls: “In Cliff Falls author Shiepe… creates a spell-binding tale that keeps you interested from start to surprising finish. It kept me turning the pages…and filled me with a sense of hope. As a man who has lived and collected thousands of genuine kid star stories, I highly recommend this illuminating and insightful work.”

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