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High Gear - A Publication from the Rotary Club of Arcadia

August 18, 2023 Volume 100, Issue 7

Your weekly source for Arcadia Rotary news & updates

We are at Embassy Suites for our meeting this week. Our program will be Samuel Misa speaking on The Secure Act and Guaranteed Income.

From the Desk of Jim Helms..


Do you remember when almost everyone had a Princess Phone on their bed-side table. You should still have it there!! Why? Because if the power goes out, the portable phones wont work, but the Princess phone will - it does not require any electricity. Also, your cell phone is subject to failure if the towers are threatened or your battery runs dry. (Perhaps you should give the children a brief lesson on how to dial.)

Do you remember when our telephone number had a Name prefix? Like Douglas 134 or Hillcrest 1234?

Do you remember when you could tell what city someone lived in by knowing the Prefix?

Do you remember when, if there was a problem with your phone, you simply called AT&T and they sent someone out to fix it?

Do you remember when Monrovia had it's own telephone company - it was called 'California Water and Telephone Co.' - for short "Cal Drip and Tinkle"? The firm I worked for in LA was their General Counsel.

Do you remember when a Federal Judge made MaBell a mother of a lot of Baby Bells?


Did you see the video clip of three teen age boys trying to figure out how to use a dial phone? They tried and tried, and never did. If you have kids in your house and a dial phone be sure that they know how to use it in an emergency.


Why do we sometimes call a dollar bill - a Buck? According to Google: In Colonial days a buck deer skin was traded for a dollar. (One deerskin wasn’t necessarily the equivalent of one “buck,” as various factors could determine the value, like the size, quality, age of the deer and more.)


I'm back home recovering from a bad case of pneumonia that I picked up at our Installation party. Weak, but otherwise in good health, thanks to our fine USC Arcadia hospital. It and the staff are simply the very best. I had three weeks there to use their services.

Deli buffet sandwiches of turkey or roast beef on french rolls or croissants



fruit salad

cookies and brownies for dessert.

People in the News -


Gail Jensen August 18

Elaine Murphy August 18

Sharon Novell August 22

ROTARY Anniversaries:

Ken Chan 8/22/14 9 years

Mike Danielson 8/21/20 3 years

Patricia Hall 8/19/22 1 year

WEDDING Anniversaries:

Paula and Mike Real 8/20

Blennie and Mike Danielson 8/18

Upcoming Meeting Programs and Events

8/25 Carla Mariano - Alzheimer and Dementia

9/2 - Dark for Labor Day Weekend

Arcadia Rotary Club | P.O. Box 660638 | Arcadia CA 91066



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