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Fund AHS Alum’s Art School Dreams

Emily Zheng, a senior at Arcadia High School

Arcadia High School alumni Michelle Kim decided at the beginning of this year to stop attending University of Southern California to pursue what she loves: art. She hopes to one day share her passion with the world by working in film and television programs, but in order to take the next step in becoming a professional artist, Michelle must expand her skills by attending the Art Center College of Design this spring. However, unfortunate events including a near-fatal car accident earlier this year, student loans, and decreasing family income have made her dream of attending Art Center improbable due to a lack of funding.

postcard/poster perk

postcard/poster perk

“Help me fight the belief that financial wealth is the only way to successfully pursue my dreams,” Michelle states on her fundraising campaign on Michelle Kim’s Indiegogo crowdfunding online web site ( Her initial goal is to raise $4,000, half of her first term’s tuition, but her ultimate goal is to reach $8,000 by December 5, 2014. Contributors will receive “perks” for various donations, ranging from signed postcard prints to customized portraits and bag designs.

customized bag design perk

customized bag design perk

Another way to help is by sharing the link to the fundraising campaign to friends and family and to “upvote” this post on Imgur by signing in through Facebook, Twitter, or email:

“Art is my way of speaking and expressing myself to the world, especially to those who I hold dear. Every single share, donation, and even words of encouragement counts. Thank you!” — By Emily Zheng

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