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Coding School Returns to Arcadia

This Summer, CodePrep, a computer science school based in Arcadia that was founded by Arcadia High School alumni, is back with new courses that will expand coding knowledge, no matter what skill level.

Emily Zheng, a junior at Arcadia High School

Three new classes are currently available:

  1. Intro to Web Development

  2. Intro to Java Programming

  3. Intro to Python Programming

Depending on which course they choose, students will be able to build a game of Flappy Bird, Tetris, or Battleship as well as their very own website.

No prior knowledge is required. Emily Wu, who attended the last session of CodePrep, admits, “Before taking CodePrep, I did not know a thing or two about coding,” but now, “The knowledge I have gained from CodePrep has…helped me so much, and I know it will be useful for the future too!” Taking the course has even changed Tina Zheng’s opinion on the subject: “I never even remotely considered CS as a track in college. CodePrep changed that.”

“CodePrep was founded on the belief that anybody can learn how to code and build useful tools,” states Andy Qin, one of the founders. “We figure that the best way to learn is through the personal attention of our experienced instructors. By the end of any one of our seven-week programs, you will build the foundation for writing software applications that impress colleges and employers alike.”

The course runs from June 14 to July 27, with lessons every Saturday and Sunday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Arcadia Presbyterian Church, 121 Alice Street. The deadline to register is June 14 and space is limited. To learn more about the classes and to sign up, visit or email for more information.

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