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Arcadia’s Sean Dulake film w/ Liam Neeson

Arcadia High School graduate Sean Dulake can be seen later this month acting alongside Liam Neeson in a big-budget Korean War film called “Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite.”

scott hettrick of arcadia's best

Scott Hettrick

The son of one of Arcadia’s most successful realtors for many years, Imy Dulake, and her husband Richard Dulake, is prominent with some of the first lines of dialogue in the opening scenes of the movie standing alongside Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur.

Dulake’s character, English-speaking Korean Lt. Col. Edward L. Rowny, is MacArthur’s right-hand man in every tense moment on-and-off-the-battlefield (at left in photo below). Dulake also wrote the English dialogue for the film, including Neeson’s. He and Dulake are the primary characters who speak English in this production that was the most expensive film produced in South Korea last year and grossed nearly $50 million in that country alone. It gets released on DVD ($17.99) and Blu-ray ($19.99) in American retail stores on Jan. 24, and on digital on-demand services Jan. 10.

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Sean Dulake (left) and Neeson as Gen. Douglas MacArthur (center)

The story of MacArthur’s daring and massive surprise attack during the Korean War makes for a captivating and action-filled movie. My full review of the film and a video trailer here at

In 2007, Dulake moved to Korea without speaking a word of the Korean language. Last year a series in which he starred and was a producer called “DramaWorld” was awarded Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year by the Seoul International Drama Awards. Below are some moments from “Battle for Incheon” featuring Sean…

— By Scott Hettrick


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