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Arcadia’s Leadership Academy


AHS 2015 Valedictorian Emily Zheng is heading to Pomona College this month.

The second City of Arcadia Leadership Academy ran from May to July this year, and I had the privilege of participating in it. This free, nine-week interactive civic education program for Arcadia residents 18 and over was initiated by City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto and has been a great platform for informing residents about the City’s operations and processes while also allowing city staff to gauge and respond to their concerns.


Graduating Leadership Academy class of 2015

Graduating Leadership Academy class of 2015

This program made me tangibly realize that the city is incredibly well run. I highly recommend it because it is a priceless opportunity to learn more about our city and because we need to build a stronger community through well-informed and engaged residents.

— By Emily Zheng

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