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Arcadia Rotary Club - president's message

A few weeks ago Dick Martinez told the club of the history of Rotary Amigos, where for 40 years members of our club traveled to Mexico and did building projects in orphanages. Covid-19 put a stop to those visits the last few years, but our tradition of aid to our southern neighbors continues.

Rosie Mares has been chairing the wheelchair project in Mexico the last few years. She gave the club a presentation with slides that were heart-rending. Many of the wheelchair recipients now have mobility for the very first time. This club can be proud of the difference we have made in people's lives south of the border!

Ted McBain was a long-time member of our club. When Ted died he made a bequest to Arcadia Rotary in his will. The earnings from that bequest have been used recently to partly fund the wheelchair project. The remainder of the funds come from personal donations by our members. Rosie set it up last year that each donor of $200 received a shot of very upscale tequila. She sold out the bottle almost instantly! About $5,000 was raised to purchase wheelchairs this year. Great job, Rosie!!

Ray Bushnell is looking for a volunteers to take part in the fire safety drill for next January's Rotary International Rose Parade float. A few Rotarians are needed next Saturday morning, August 26 at 6:45 a.m. at Phoenix Decorating Company, 5400 Irwindale Ave., Irwindale. No, no, there is no actual fire involved in the drill. You take a short ride on the float. When the fire bell rings you unbuckle yourself and get off. That's it; whole thing takes about 20 minutes, as I recall from when I took part a couple of years ago. Let Ray know - - If you can spare a little time next Saturday to help out.

It turns out that at least a couple of our members are already busy at 6:30 on Saturday morning. Bob Novell and Jim Pontello - along with Steve Fong, who used to be a member of our club - walk on Saturday morning at - get this - 5:00 a.m. Now, how would you feel if you saw these three characters skulking through your neighborhood at 5:00 in the morning? It's not even light yet! Your president tried to get to the bottom of these strange goings-on but the participants were very circumspect. Just to be safe, the president fined each of them $25. Since Steve Fong is no longer a member, his share was tacked on to Bob & Jim's fines: $37.50 each!

Next Friday is a meeting not to be missed! Our scheduled speaker had to cancel at the last minute and Imy Dulake is working with Leilani Panyawai to bring us a gentleman who flew bombing missions against Germany in World War II. I'm dying to hear his story and would be proud to have the opportunity to shake his hand. Make every effort to be here and show this gentleman the respect he deserves.

You find the nicest people at an Arcadia Rotary Club meeting!

Bob Harbicht


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