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Arcadia Rotary Club - president's message

Thanks to Michael Danielson for leading our song, Imy Dulake for leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Dick Martinez for our prayer and introducing guests, and Patricia Hall for being today's greeter.

Unfortunately, Dave Totten was absent and the club couldn't congratulate him and Margie for 62 years of marriage; probably out celebrating.

T. G. Metzger announced the Arcadia Police Foundation fundraiser: "Dim Sum with a Detective." He, Sho Tay and Gil Stromsoe are Rotarians who are on the board of the foundation. We're putting together a Rotary table or two for the event. As of this writing we have nine members signed up. If you'd like to join us, send an email to your president post haste.

Our president asked all the members to put on their thinking caps and suggest a project for our club which will benefit the community. In the past Arcadia Rotary has built the veterans monument at the Community Center, the dining hall at Boy Scouts Camp Trask, the peacock fountain at Arcadia Park, installed the clock on Huntington Drive near the Community Center, built the western fort at Camp Trask, built the patio behind the Chamber of Commerce building, and on and on. Your suggestions will be appreciated by your board.

Imy Dulake was very taken with the beautiful shirt Ernie Aragon was wearing for the meeting. The president asked him if he had any more of those girl-attracting shirts and Ernie replied he had six more at home. He was fined $5 per shirt, for a total of $35.

Tony Parille went to Rosemead High School to watch his grandson in a high school football game, the same field Tony had played on 65 years ago! That bit of nostalgia cost Tony $50.

Mahlon Chinn announced that he was finally retiring in December after a long career serving our city as a urologist. Your president decided he's better fine him $50 now, while he still has some money.

Eldonna Lewis presented an outstanding program on her efforts in Kenya providing micro-funding to women who are trying to work their way out of poverty by creating beads and weaving baskets. The economic conditions in that country are depressing, but the work of Eldonna and others is inspiring. She brought samples of their work and a brisk business was being done after the meeting. Great job by our program director, Leilani Panyawai!

Next Friday's meeting will be fun, or uplifting, or educational, or maybe all three! See ya there.

Bob Harbicht


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