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Arcadia Civic Youth Council: A New Term

Arcadia Civic Youth has officially started their new term in June 2018, and we’re ready for what the future brings us! Through our application and interview process, we have selected a 12 member council filled with competent workers who will work hard to represent the youth of Arcadia.

Our first project, History Day, is coming up on June 23rd where we will be educating children about the history of Arcadia through games and trivia. Feel free to bring your younger siblings or children to this fun-filled event! Prizes and fun, educational activities will be provided. Refreshments will be sold as well.

Not only have we been working on this upcoming event, but we also helped served tea at a tea party hosted by the Arcadia citizen of the year, Carol Libby. This event was very fun and our members had a great time! We’ve also helped face paint at the K-9s & Cops event hosted by the Arcadia Police Foundation. At our face painting booth, we painted colorful pawprints on children’s faces and had a blast showing off our artistic skills.

We can tell that our new term will be very eventful, so stay tuned for more updates!

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